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types of multi spindle automatic lathe

Overwhelmingly fast cycle times can be delivered by this machine … The golden vector award goes to the company Gildemeister Italiana SpA from Italy with their MULTISPRINT multi-spindle lathes. Year: 2015. Industry: machine tools. More than 30 years building multi spindle machines, CNC automatic lathes as a custom made solution for your production plan. In the 21st century companies are demanding more easy-to-use… Image Source. It is used for small and precision work since it is very accurate. A multi-spindle lathe can have either a dual spindle , meaning two spindles of equal size and power, or a sub-spindle , meaning that the spindle … 6206 km. A multi-spindle screw machine is a type of cam operated automatic lathe that allows multiple tools to cut multiple pieces of material simultaneously. On this "single-point" machine, cycle time was 60 seconds. On the multi-spindle, it is 16 seconds. The automatic multi spindle lathe is a highly productive machine, in which the production processes and phases, needed to manufacture a piece, are carried out in parallel.For this reason, more spindles are synchronically activated in the different machining units where the piece is located, phase after phase. A Different Look at the CNC Multi-Spindle Last week at IMTS, ZPS showed a five-axis CNC multi-spindle designed for parts of low to medium complexity. Types of Lathe Machine 1.Speed Lathe/ Wood Lathe. There are several types of such equipment. This allows for the application of various tools to the workpiece at once. 02 l 03 Manufacturer l Parts 04 l 05 MORI-SAY 620AC l MORI-SAY 632AC 06 l 07 MORI-SAY 667AC l MORI-SAY 832AC OVERVIEW Shaping of steel has always been our craft. Multiple spindle Vertical Turret lathe multi spindle lathe can create a variety of shapes, cuts The cams are mounted on a shaft which draws the power from the main spindle through a set of gears We utilize 5 spindle machines, which means the material in each of the 5 spindles is simultaneously addressed by a cross-slide and end slide tool, effectively making each spindle a 2-axis lathe. Special Duty Lathe. In most situations, the Special Duty lathe is used to accomplish tasks that cannot be done by standard lathes. The only difference is that on such equipment as single-spindle automatic lathes, drilling is performed with only one working tool. Both types of machines complete the part in one pass. The company is engaged in designing, construction, and sale of automatic lathe machines. The advantage of capstan and turret lathe is that several different types of operation can be performed on a work piece without resetting of the work or tools. CNC Lathes Metra CNC Machines, Multi Spindle Automatic Lathes. In the design of multi-spindle machines there are several. According to the direction of major axis : horizontal center lathe, horizontal boring machine etc. In a single spindle automatic lathe for bar work of Dia 25 mm capacity, collets are used to hold the bar stock. 6. This machine tool enables to realize overwhelmingly fast cycle time by dividing into 6 or 8 processes. MULTI-SPINDLE AUTOMATIC LATHE MORI-SAY CONVENTIONAL. SINGLE SPINDLE AUTOMATIC LATHES A single spindle automatic lathe is a modified form of turret lathe. TAJMAC Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe For increase in rate of production of jobs usually of smaller size and simpler geometry. MS52-6. It also provides training and installation services to customers. Our range of single spindle automatic lathe machines, automatic lathe machines, single spindle automatic lathe, cam lathes, auto capston lathe machine and bar type automat are known for manufacturing simple, complex & precision machines. Automatic lathe: Solution from igus: 8 energy chains , 64 cables and 73 hoses. • Multi-spindle type Some more productive turret lathes are provided with pre-optive drive which enables on-line presetting and engaging the next work-speed and thus help in reducing the cycle time. Our Automatic Lathe Machines are extremely versatile machines that give big returns on small investment. Having four to eight parallel spindles are preferably used. ... Ex – Single spindle automatic, swiss type automatic lathe, etc. Multi-spindle lathes and automatic lathes make it possible to perform a broad range of operations in a very short period of time. automatic lathe spindle automatic spindle lathe Prior art date 1935-05-17 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Introduced at IMTS 2016, the Penta five-spindle lathe adds a CNC alternative to ZPS America’s line of six- and eight-spindle lathes. PURPOSE: To perform work such as tooling set up on a multi spindle automatic lathe from either of the front face side and the back face side with equal operability. Diameter: 52 mm. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Multi - spindle machine with innovative rear end machining A design for the latest production technologies Machine highlights Your benefits Highly-dynamic slides with sliding guide (X … This is a success which can be attributed reliability and precision of this automatic lathe. 59. They can be used not only for series production of a wide range of precision parts but also for small series due to their extremely short setup times. chip conveyor. Travel up to 180 millimeters. However, machine tools are broadly classified as follows: 1. The GM 20-6 is the best-selling machine among the six-spindle automatic from GILDEMEISTER Italiana. We have managed to improve the craft further. This type of lathe machine is used for special purposes, like heavy-duty production of identical objects. DMG MORI combines SWISSTYPE technology with the productivity of a multi-spindle automatic lathe. • Multi-spindle Vertical Turret lathe Fig. Another style of CNC Lathe, is a multi-spindle/dual turret lathe, which have two spindles and two turrets. In combination with a Y-axis in each spindle position as standard, highly complex workpieces can thus be completely machined with standard tools. System: MULTISPRINT multi-spindle lathe. Multi-Spindle Lathe. Multi-spindle automatic lathe. Manufacture of parts can be made on single-spindle or multi-spindle machines. Small engine lathe than … Location: Germany. Price info more. Founded in 1989, Metra Multi Spindle Machine is located in Lurreta, Spain. A trained Lathes can be divided into three types for easy identification:operator can accomplish more machining jobs with the engine lathes, turret lathes, and special purpose lathes. After an introduction on what is the turning and the different types of machines, let’s now see in detail the role of automatic lubrication for the different components of the lathe that are involved during this process. It carries all the attachments like taper turning, threading etc. TYPES OF LATHES lathe (Figure 7-1 ) is ideally suited for this purpose. Metra Multi Spindle Machine. DMG MORI’s Multisprint multispindle automatic lathe is powered by a complex energy supply system developed by igus. Tool carrier: 6 x transverse, 5 x longitudinal incl. According to Mr. Tessarzyk, the multi-spindle is as accurate as the Swiss-type lathe. 4. These cross slides are operated by disc cams. Request more images. pick-up spindle C0e7t2dcg Incl. Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe can provide the various types of machining such as boring, turning, chamfering, threading, grooving, and drilling by moving the workpieces between 6 or 8 stations (machining position). Multi-Spindle Lathe and Automatic Lathe. Mazak Integrex 200-III x 1000 Multispindle automatic lathe. Speed Lathes: Cutting, deforming, and turning operations occur as the lathe turns the stock. Structurally, they differ little. The multi-spindle automatic lathe can be used in turning, boring, chamfering, grooving, threading, and drilling by moving the workpieces between six to eight machining positions. 3-axis milling multi-spindle. 1984. used. Expired Application number DEN38668D Other languages German (de) Spindle speed: 0 rpm - 5,000 rpm. Schütte multi-spindle automatic lathe with 6 working spindles spindle passage 42 mm Maximum speed 2240 rpm. Up to now, more than 4,000 machines have been sold worldwide. 4.7.4 Pictorial view of a turret lathe. Norton type Tumbler-gear quick-change Gear box 60. A number of types of machine tools gradually increased till mid 20 th century and after that started decreasing based on Group Technology.. (iv) Crankshaft Lathe. This is an unusually large part for production on a multi-spindle. 2. Customer requirements: Safe energy supply for all six spindles. INDEX multi spindle automatic lathes combine the advantages of CNC technology with those of cam-controlled machines. We are recognized by being dynamic persons, with leadership skills and willing to get involved in new projects. The productivity of a multi-spindle automatic lathe is – depending on the number of spindles and type of application – around 5-7 times higher than a single-spindle automatic lathe. multi spindle lathe usually comes in two types -one with horizontal orientation and the other with vertical orientation. Which one of the following types of collets is suitable for this . Price on request Mazak Integrex J-200 ... Spindle speed 4200 rpm: Okuma LT3000 EX 3T3MY Multispindle automatic lathe. These machines have an addition to a 6-station turret, a maximum of 4 cross slides. Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe: New times! It is available in different sizes, one can select as per the production needs. Slide 1 Lathe Machines Types of Lathes: Center Lathe Engine Lathe Bench Lathe Capstan & Turret Lathes Automatic Lathes Multi Spindle Lathes Vertical Turret Lathes CNC… It is usually provided with all the attachments, which a larger lathe carries, and is capable of performing almost all the operations which a larger lathe can do. CNC Machines | CNX Series Cam multi spindle machines have been a very interesting alternative for high series production during the last decades. Mounted on the machine’s spindle drum, which weighs three metric tons, the readychain system comprises eight energy chains, 64 electric cables, and 73 hoses housed in a 1.8-meter-high body that rotates. Image source. Year: 2003. Bench Lathe: It is a very small lathe and is mounted on a separately prepared bench or cabinet. Different series, from the cam-controlled automatics to the highly flexible NC-controlled machines in all axes and spindles, form the basis for the made-to-measure Schütte solutions. These lathes are semiautomatic and are fitted with multi tool holding devices, called capstan and turret heads. Remember the Baseball bat, wooden bowl? CNC lathe. In METRA we look for talents with high creativity, oriented to the solution of the problems where the main axis is always the customer.Being a company with a strong international presence, we positively value that our candidates have full travel availability. Multiple spindle automats also may be parallel action or progressively working type.

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