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Cesspool Services

Whether you’re having a party and need an emergency pump out or you own a business and need pumping on a regular basis, Schenck Fuels’ cesspool service has you covered by offering the same fantastic service you have come to know since 1902.

Courteous, Convenient, and Clean

Our qualified, courteous drivers are trained to service residential cesspools, as well as commercial cesspools and grease traps. We are committed to performing these services in a clean and comfortable manner 100% of the time. Whether you are in need of septic¬†assistance on a Tuesday at noon or a Saturday at midnight, we are available. We offer 24-hour emergency service for our customers’ convenience. And unlike our competitors, there’s no such thing as a “hard to find” cesspool when you call on our team.

Cesspool Service Plan

You can prevent cesspool emergencies from occurring by signing up for one of our service contracts. Being proactive and scheduling preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid potentially hazardous, costly, and unsanitary mishaps.

Cesspool Service Plan Benefits:

  • Discounted pump rates
  • Special 24/7 emergency service
  • 15% discount on digging, buildups, and locating services
  • Septic maintenance reminder calls
  • Priority scheduling

We have all the necessary tools at our disposal for your disposal needs! Please call our office at (631) 324-0142 for more details.